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Britton Timbers

Britton is a name that has been synonymous with sawmilling and the timber industry ever since Britton Bros Pty Ltd was established in the Blackwood rich swamplands of North West Tasmania in 1907. Nearly a century later Britton Timbers is one of the two largest privately owned hardwood sawmill in Tasmania, sustaining 100 full time employees. Britton Timbers is a family company now owned and managed by third and fourth generation family members.

Britton Timbers processes up to 26,000 cubic meters of logs each year.  This is made up of 60% Tasmanian Oak, 30% Tasmanian Blackwood and 10% Myrtle.

The company creates high-quality veneers for furniture and commercial outfits, plus floorings, skirtings and architraves from processed timber.

Britton Timbers sources all its timber from sustainably managed temperate forests of North West Tasmania.  Sustainability is achieved through compliance with the Forest Practices Code and Regional Forest Agreement.

Contact Britton Timbers:

PO Box 369, Smithton, Tas, 7330
Ph: 03 6452 2522
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