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Advantages Of Installing a Floating Vanity to Your Bathroom

Floating vanities are known to create a more modern touch in every bathroom. While the trend hasn’t reached every bathroom yet, it is something that people opt for especially during the building of a new home or remodelling of the bathroom. However, aside from the trend, a floating vanity set comes with many advantages starting from its functionality to its looks and storage.

A floating vanity tends to be very attention grabbing and can even be the focal point of your bathroom if you or your designer choose it to be. Here is an in depth understanding of the advantages a floating vanity can provide for the people in your home as well as the bathroom space in general. 

Add a sense of space

It is no secret that a floating vanity can help expand the space of your bathroom and make it feel airier and brighter. Often such vanities tend to give the impression of being a natural wall extension, thus adding more width to the bathroom. It also gives a sense of openness, making your bathroom look bigger in size. If you’re in Australia check out Allure Bathroom Vanities Melbourne, as it is known to have some great options.

Less hectic cleaning process

It important to keep your bathrooms clean and neat at all times in order to avoid growth of unnecessary moulds, mildews and bacteria. Cleaning it can be challenging if there are many things obstructing the pathway while also having closed spaces for things to form and infest. With a floating vanity, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of that as it makes cleaning the space so much easier and helps rid the possibility of dirt and debris getting stuck in closed corners.

Keeps the space organized

Choosing a floating vanity with a drawer set allows you to neatly stack your products and items without any clutter forming around. If you choose a floating vanity that is simply a sink, you still have the option of adding an external storage facility in the space below. It’s a win-win situation when it comes to keeping the space neat and organized.

No more crammed space

With a floating vanity, you don’t have to worry about dealing with crammed spaces. Having wooden cabinets touch the floor can feel heavy when it comes to taking in the look of your bathroom space. Whereas with a floating vanity, there is a sense of minimalism and spaciousness that allow your bathroom to look much more sophisticated and less loaded.

Easy to customize

Did you know that when it comes to floating vanity, the possibility of customizing it according your preferred needs and desires is endless, be it in terms of providing its function or enhancing the look and features of the space. You can even accommodate it to the ideal height that works well with you and all your family members.

A few other advantages of floating vanities are the fact that it allows your tile work to be on display while also ensuring that you can do radiant-heat flooring.

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